The Leak-Wall House

The Leak-Wall House
The Star in the Historical Society’s Crown!

The historic Leak-Wall house, built by John Wall Leak in 1853, was acquired by the Richmond County Historical Society in September of 1995.  The house had been used as a branch bank for the previous 20 years, put on the market when no longer needed.  Raising funds to buy the three acre property was a major undertaking for the Society, however the project was debt-free within three months following the purchase.

John Wall Leak was a descendant of William Pickett Leak and Ann Poythress Wall, descendants of families who were among the earliest settlers along the Pee Dee River.  Shortly after marriage to Ann Cole Leak, a cousin, a plantation was created near Cheraw, South Carolina.  However, the couple decided to return to Richmond County after only ten years had passed.

John Wall Leak became a major Richmond County farmer and businessman.  His interests included a textile mill chartered in 1833, the fifth cotton mill to be chartered in the state.  After the Civil War, he provided leadership in industrial development which made Richmond County a very wealthy county by the turn of the century.

The interior is furnished in Victorian period antiques, including some pieces original to the house.  The interior was remodeled in 1903 prior to the wedding of Annie Wall to Howard Alexander Foushee.  There has been very minor change to the interior since then. Restoration was guided by a former resident and family member.

Today, the house is available for parties, receptions and other events of less than 25 people.  Although not available for use, some of the original dinner ware is on display in the dinning room.

In 1999, the Wall garden of the Leak-Wall house was awarded the state’s highest honor for restoration of historic gardens.  The garden, constructed in 1918, was a wedding gift to Henry Clay Wall and Elizabeth Nicolson but it had virtually disappeared by 1995.  Fortunately, some photographs from the 1918 beginning and on through the years were found and provided guidelines.


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